Things To Consider Before Choosing A Play

So you’ve finally decided to daringly enter the fabulous and exciting world of theatrical arts and is now tasked to produce your own play. By now, you’ve probably realized that the first challenge is no easy task; choosing the right play for your crew is a hurdle you need to pass.

But fret not. The following tips should be able to guide you in through these messy and daunting task of choosing the play to produce.


Know Your Target Audience

audienceFirst, you need to accept one inescapable fact that should govern all your moves in the brutal world of show business – you’re audience determine the success or failure of your production. Thus, pleasing your target audience should be your number one priority. On that note, musicals tend to be crowd pleaders but since they also tend to be expensive to produce due to their rights, royalties, and scripts. Also, not all actors can sing or dance, so you have to consider that as well.

The important thing, whether you decide to produce a musical or not, is to factor in your audience’s preference. Avoid plays that dwell on deep topics unless you’re targeting the intellectual crowd.


Mind You Budget

How much money are you supposed to play around with? As you have probably realized by now, some plays are more expensive to produce than others, so you have also to keep an eye on the bottom line while attempting to please your audience with the choice of your play. Fortunately, the prevalence of online shops like Lazada and Zalora makes the production a bit cheaper. You can shop online using discounts by using voucher codes, promo codes or coupon codes on products that you need for you props or costumes.


Consider Your Actors

actorAnother important factor when choosing the right play is the ability of your actors. Of course, you need to know which article might be working for you and find the play that suits their acting styles. For instance, choosing a musical won’t work if the majority of your actors can’t sing or dance.