Melissa C. Merritt is a theater connoisseur in the truest sense of the work. Having worked with the production of numerous plays, she made it her mission to share her expertise to those who need them most - newbies who are still new to the theater industry. Also, her passion for the performing arts means that she is an outspoken advocate of the craft and want to pass on the same enthusiasm and zeal to the younger generation.

3 Plays That Even Theater Newbies Can Enjoy

When was the last time you’ve seen and enjoyed a play? There’s no shame in admitting it, but most people probably have not seen a play in years. Of course, the internet could help partly responsible for making us culturally-challenged with its inexhaustible supply of free movies and crazy offers & coupons when you shop online using discounts that keep us perennially glued and mesmerized to our smartphone and laptop screens. Read more

The Challenges Of Play Production

Most folks have these rather amusing assumptions about artists in general – that they are creative but moody, playful but a bit eccentric, caring but generally out of touch with everyone else’s version of reality. In other words, they can be fiercely passionate about their specific craft but can’t be really bothered with the other little details that make everyday living bearable. Read more

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With all these technological developments, hardly anyone can still afford to give any valid excuse when asked why they haven’t watched any plays. While the best things are hardly free, they certainly never have to be too expensive. Go on, enjoy yourself, watch that play.


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