The Challenges Of Play Production

Most folks have these rather amusing assumptions about artists in general – that they are creative but moody, playful but a bit eccentric, caring but generally out of touch with everyone else’s version of reality. In other words, they can be fiercely passionate about their specific craft but can’t be really bothered with the other little details that make everyday living bearable.

But if you have artistic friends involved in play production, you’ll soon realize that are just as practical as everyone else. Forget all those stereotypes; if you don’t have both feet firmly planted on the ground, you’ll never see your play see through production at the end of the day.

Of course, it goes without saying that to produce a really brilliant play, the creativity, and talent of an artist is of utmost importance. You’ll need top-notch performers to produce such plays worthwhile enough to be considered works of art. But to get it through the production process would require a different kind of mindset you’ll normally not consider to belong to artists such as practicality and a businesslike adeptness to handle all the minor details required to make the whole play a success. For the infinitely curious, we’ve listed some of the steps necessary to successfully produce a play.


Choosing the Play

playThis is probably one of the most important steps in the entire process. Choosing a play that you love will somehow make the entire journey feel like a challenge instead of a burden to bear. Of course, you must also pick a play that your target audience can relate to. After all, they’ll punish you and your crew later on in their reviews if they don’t like it.





Forming Your Team

groupThe next step in the play production process is to get the right people on board. This step is a bit stressful most of the time since you have to deal with different personalities and implore them to work with you. Not only will you need to find the right actor to match a specific role in your play but you also need to worry about who to pick up for the production team. Thus, you have to worry whom to approach to be the producer, director, music director, choreographer as well as the personnel for set design, lighting, costume, sound and prop teams. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but it gets easier the more experience one has in this things.


Production Calendar

To make things run smoothly, you need to set a production calendar. Be sure to let everyone in your team know what is expected of them and when you expect them to deliver. Remember, you have to do everything in your power to keep everyone on schedule because one unit’s delay could likewise mean a delay for the entire project.

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